Universal Law of Galaxies Discovered –“All Rotate Once Every Billion Years”




Astronomers have discovered that all galaxies rotate once every billion years, no matter how big they are. “It’s not Swiss watch precision,” said Professor Gerhardt Meurer from the UWA node of the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR). “But regardless of whether a galaxy is very big or very small, if you could sit on the extreme edge of its disk as it spins, it would take you about a billion years to go all the way round.”


“A Secret Agenda?” –China First to Explore Moon’s South Pole Frontier and Establish a Robotic Research Station


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“As only the Moon’s South Pole can receive sunlight in most of its area throughout the year, we want to land at such a place where there might be abundant sunshine and possibly water to build a robotic research station to carry out relevant research using resources there,” said Wu Weiren, chief designer involved in China’s Chang’e lunar exploration program. “Nobody has ever landed there yet. So it will be the first landing if we make it. But there are some other countries that are preparing for that.”


“Jupiter’s Totally Weird, Alien World” –NASA: ‘We’re Seeing the Beginnings of a New Jupiter’

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“These astonishing science results are yet another example of Jupiter’s curve balls, and a testimony to the value of exploring the unknown from a new perspective with next-generation instruments.Juno’s unique orbit and evolutionary high-precision radio science and infrared technologies enabled these paradigm-shifting discoveries,” said Scott Bolton, principal investigator of Juno from the Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio. “Juno is only about one third the way through its primary mission, and already we are seeing the beginnings of a new Jupiter.”


Today’s “Planet Earth Report” –‘The U.S. Military Keeps Reporting UFOs. What’s Going On?’



We have no idea what’s behind these weird incidents because we’re not investigating. As with Sputnik, the national security implications of these incidents are concerning — but the scientific opportunities are thrilling. Who knows what perils we may avoid or opportunities we might identify if we follow the data? We cannot afford to avert our eyes, given the risk of strategic surprise. The future belongs to not only the physically brave but also the intellectually agile.


Jupiter’s Weird Polar Storms: Unlike Any Storm Formation in the Universe. –“We’ve Never Seen Anything Like It”




The biggest and oldest planet in the solar system has no tilt as it moves, so its poles have never been visible from Earth. But in the past two years, with NASA’s Juno spacecraft, scientists have gotten a good look at the top and bottom of the planet for the first time. What they found astounded them: bizarre geometric arrangements of storms, each arrayed around one cyclone over the north and south poles–unlike any storm formation seen in the universe.