Today’s “Planet Earth Report” –Instagram Feed of the 6th Mass Extinction in Photos



The 6th extinction of global biodiversity is underway. Photographers around the world document its causes, effects and solutions. Photographer Sean Gallagher has set up a new Instagram feed called Everyday Extinction. Featuring work from 25 wildlife photographers, photojournalists and scientists, the project aims to highlight species extinction and celebrate biodiversity.

Image by @sebastiandido. ‘The skull of a brown capuchin monkey from the Boyaca region of Colombia. Historically this species was found across the forests on the slopes of the eastern Andes and the Orinoco region of the country. Nowadays, deforestation due to agriculture and cattle is reducing the populations specially in the Orinoco. This species is also a victim of illegal trafficking and used in the pet trade and local medical research.’




Photo by Esther Horvath @estherhorvath for @everydayextinction In Cape Cod, U.S.A. extreme cold weather has arrived much earlier this year, affecting sea turtles in Cape Cod Bay. It is very rare to see stranded endangered Leatherbacks, because they can manage being in cold waters for a longer period of time due to their ability to regulate their body temperature by migrating south when winter arrives. However, due to the early arrival of extreme cold weather in mid December, the majority of the sea turtles who were stranded had difficulty leaving Cape Cod Bay in time and thus died like this unfortunate Leatherback.



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