“One Strange Rock” –ISS Astronauts: “The Story of Earth From the Only People Who Have Ever Left It” (WATCH Video)




One Strange Rock, filmed in space and across 45 countries on six continents over the course of more than a year, is a ten-part television series premiering in March on National Geographic Channel. The documentary refocuses our view of Earth from the perspective of eight ISS astronauts, weaving in profound personal and emotional experiences to shape how the planet is shown.

"I think this is the first time astronauts have narrated and shared their stories about how it felt and what it was like to be in space, but also how it applies back to the planet," said Leland Melvin, who helped build the space station on two shuttle missions.


"We haven't found another planet like this, with lifeforms that are building and creating these incredible systems and working together — and sometimes not working together," said Melvin. "It's really a strange and complicated rock that is able to do some pretty miraculous things."


"They are part of the planet that have left the planet and looked back," said Alice Jones, who directed the tenth and final episode of the series. "It is that perspective shift that takes [the series] from being about the world we know to being the strange rock."

"We have chosen scientists or science-minded astronauts, not just military pilots, but people who have a real insight into the inner workings of the world and universe, who also happen to fly in space on the side, to host our series," said Jones.

The Daily Galaxy via National Geographic






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