A China AI-Powered Robot Army –“Could Help Them Conquer the World” (WATCH Video)

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Successive generations of AI powered robots will be ever smarter and will appear ever faster. Humans might think we're in control, until one fine day the rate of robot improvement ramps up so quickly that superintelligent robots will suddenly rule the Earth.

Will China be the first national for create an AI powered robot army? The national artificial-intelligence ambitions of China have evolved into a detailed three-year action plan, building on a sweeping scheme announced in July that includes creating a massive new AI research center.


On Thursday, the country’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology published a document on how to foster the development of artificial intelligence from 2018 to 2020. But it’s far from simply a summary of technological goals: it’s essentially the top leadership’s vision for a new Chinese economy in the age of AI.

In this new economy, China will be able to mass-produce neural-network processing chips, robots will make accomplishing daily tasks easier for disabled people, and machine learning will help radiologists read x-ray scans. In addition, China hopes AI will make manufacturing more eco-friendly: the goal laid out in the document is to increase the energy efficiency of the manufacturing sector 10 percent by 2020.



But, Ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt says he is 'very concerned' that Russia and China are leading the race on artificial intelligence, and will use AI to conquer the world. It follows his warning last year that China will overtake the US in AI by 2025. Schmidt flagged the risk of their commercial as well as military aspirations, saying their lead in AI could help them conquer the world.

Speaking at BBC's "Tomorrow's World Live" at London's Science Museum with professor Brian Cox, Schmidt, 62, admitted he worries about what rival countries could do with their technology.

'I'm very concerned about this', he said in response to a question from a member of the audience about the AI race between China and Russia.

'I think that both the Russian and the Chinese leaders have recognized the value of this, not just for their commercial aspirations, but also their military aspirations', he told the audience, writes Daily Star. 

Schmidt said he would like the US and Europe to deal with Russian competition not by copying their approach but by 'being more like us'.' Let's outrun them with our own intelligence, rather than any other outcome', he said.

The Daily Galaxy via BBC and MIT Technology Review

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