“The Day the Dinosaurs Died” — Chicxulub Asteroid Impact Equivalent to 10 Billion Hiroshima Bombs





“This is where we get to the great irony of the story – because in the end it wasn’t the size of the asteroid, the scale of blast, or even its global reach that made dinosaurs extinct – it was where the impact happened,” said Ben Garrod, who presents the BBC documentary The Day The Dinosaurs Died (watch video below).



“We’re Looking at Things All Wrong,” –Unsolved ‘Black-Box’ Mystery of the Dark Side of Our Universe




“My bet is that we’re looking at things all wrong,” says cosmologist Scott Dodelson, one of the lead scientists behind the new Dark Energy Survey results and chair of the Department of Physics at Carnegie Mellon University. “Someone who’s eight years old today is going to come around and figure out how to make sense of all the data without evoking mysterious new substances.”


“Dark Matter is a Mythical Beast” –A New Theory of Gravity & Dark Side of the Cosmos



The classical theory of gravity is in dire need of new approaches, since it doesn’t combine well with quantum physics. Both theories, crown jewels of 20th century physics, cannot be true at the same time. A Dutch theoretical physicist and string theorist, Erik Verlinde, proposes a starkly different theory –the theory of emergent gravity. “We might be standing on the brink of a new scientific revolution,” he says,”that will radically change our views on the very nature of space, time and gravity.”


Eisenhower on the Threat of “Big Science” –Ike’s 2nd Critical Warning


  Cern (1)



Science is both corporate and political, when it comes to basic research the private sector and government fund about half each, so if you defend science you are implicitly defending corporations and engaging in politics. It wasn't always that way.


“A New Reality or Science Fiction?” The Complete Guide to This Week’s Pentagon UFO Revelations




December 21 2017: Today's links to headline stories from around the world on the revelation of the Pentagon's secret UFO program and its implications. Coverage includes Alien Minds, AI Has Been Out There for Eons, Why Haven't We Found Aliens, You're Not Crazy If You Believe in UFOs, UFOs in Scientific Terms, What We've Learned from 60 Years of Probes, Gaian Bottleneck, The Great Filter, The Great Silence, The Tom DeLonge Radio Interview, John Podesta Interview, and more.



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