LIGO/NASA –A Major Spacetime Discovery Will Be Revealed on Monday, October 16 (WATCH Video)



"The gathering will begin with an overview of new findings from LIGO, Virgo and partners that span the globe," the National Science Foundation announcement reads, "followed by details from telescopes that work with the LIGO and Virgo collaborations to study extreme events in the cosmos."


It Looks like Monday, October 16 will be a red letter day for astronomy with another big gravitational wave announcement coming following on the heels of the Nobel Prize Award for physics for the LIGO team. Not to be out done by the ESO, the LIGO and Virgo gravitational wave observatories have announced that they're holding a big press conference 10am EDT at the Press Club in Washington DC.


Representatives from 70 other observatories around the world will be at the event, and simultaneous briefings will also be taking place in London and Munich, as well as two separate panel discussions. The first panel consists of directors and spokespersons from LIGO, Virgo and NASA. The second panel includes David Sand, Nial Tanvir, Eleonora Troja and Andy Howell, who have performed research into supernovas, and Marcelle Soares-Santos, who is pioneering the Dark Energy Survey's search for an optical counterpart to gravitational wave events.

The Daily Galaxy via NSF

Image credit:  NASA Goddard Space Flight


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