Emergent Gravity –“Dark Matter is a Mythical Beast, a Figment of Our Ignorance”




Perhaps General Relativity can be modified to give a new theory  in which the motions of galaxies, and the structure of the universe, are correctly predicted, without the need for dark matter. Maybe even the accelerating expansion of the universe, another current conundrum of physics, can be explained in such a theory.’ Perhaps dark matter is a mythical beast, a figment of our ignorance which will evaporate as we explore nature more thoroughly.

Gravity is in dire need of new approaches like the one by Verlinde, since it doesn’t combine well with quantum physics. Both theories, crown jewels of 20th century physics, cannot be true at the same time. The problems arise in extreme conditions: near black holes, or during the Big Bang.

In his public lecture at the Perimeter Institute for Theorectical Physics on October 4, 2017, physicist Erik Verlinde explored the core ideas behind this research into emergent gravity, and examine the implications of this potential revolution in our understanding of the universe.



Image credit top of page: NASA Dark Matter