“The Alien Channel” –METI: ‘Earth Has Been Signaling Advanced Civilizations for the Past 2.5 Billion Years’ (WATCH Today’s ‘Galaxy’ Stream)


"It’s the fact that every civilization that does have the ability to travel to Earth could already pick up I Love Lucy. So we have been sending our existence into space with radio signals for 78 years. Even before that, two and a half billion years, we have been telling the Universe that there is life on here because of the oxygen in our atmosphere.

"So if there’s any alien out there paranoid about competition, it could have already come and wipe us out. If they’re on their way, it’s a lot better strategy to say we’re interested in being conversational partners. Let’s strike up a new conversation."



Douglas Vakoch, president of Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence (METI), a nonprofit research and educational organization dedicated to transmitting intentional signals to nearby stars, as well as fostering sustainability of human civilization on multigenerational timescales—a prerequisite for a project that could take centuries or millennia to succeed.


The Daily Galaxy via Motherboard, METI,  and Futurism 

Image credit: top of page Flickr 


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