In-Depth Look At Theories About Tabby’s Star Observed By the Kepler Space Observatory –Megastructure or Natural Phenomena?




Star KIC 8462852—“Tabby’s Star” named after its discoverer and Kepler astronomer, Tabetha Boyajian-—is emitting a transit signature that defies explanation. The luminosity of a star declines at a consistent rate when a planet passes in front, but not Tabby’s star which dims at irregular intervals and at levels that far exceed anything seen before.




Boyajian has suggested that this could the remnants of a planetary collision, or maybe a massive cometary cloud. Spectulating, Penn State astronomer Jason Wright has speculated that it might alien technology, a megastructure. Wright says that this is a “perilous approach to science” that could lead to an “alien in the gaps” fallacy, and unfalsifiable, untestable hypotheses.

For more theories about Tabby’s star go to Gizmodo 

Image Top of Page: NASA, ESA, and G. Bacon (STScI)


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