EcoAlert: China’s Floating Solar Farm “Underscores It’s Ambition to Lead World in Clean Energy”




The world’s largest floating solar farm highlights China’s ambition to acquire and lead the planet in clean energy following Trump’s decision to withdraw the USA from the Paris Climate accords. The solar power plant is equipped with the 160,000 panels that can generate 40-megawatt electricity. The panels are rested on the lake in the Anhui province that emerged after the collapse of that coal mine. The solar power plant is expected to generate 800 megawatts a year.

In 2016, Britain built a similar floating solar plant on the Queen Elizabeth II reservoir in Walton-on-Thames, which is due to power 1,800 homes. The power station features 23,046 solar panels and measures 57,046 sq metres (618,925 square feet). The floating plant in China is six times the size of the plant in Britain.



“The U.S.’s withdrawal from the Paris agreement offers China an unprecedented opportunity to take the lead in climate change,” said energy expert Frank Yu of Wood Mackenzie, a global energy, chemicals, renewables, metals and mining research and consultancy group.

According to Helen Clarkson, president of the Climate Group, China “is already reaping the economic benefits” of clean energy.

The Daily Galaxy via Mother Nature News and  Daily Mail 


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