China Launches Foundation for the Quantum Internet –“Surges Ahead of Other World Powers”



China has scored a huge win against hackers and spooks as it surges ahead of other world powers in a new kind of space race. By launching quantum-enabled satellites, China has set the foundation for a super secure network that uses an encryption technique based on the principles of a field known as quantum communication.

“Definitely, I think there will be a race,” said Chaoyang Lu, a physicist at the University of Science and Technology of China in Hefei, who works with the team behind the Chinese satellite

“In physics we are trying, and we have demonstrated some encryption techniques that rely on the law of physics rather than the mathematical complexity and we call this quantum key distribution,” professor Ping Koy Lam from the Australia Naional University, Department of Quantum Science said last year, before China launched its first quantum satellite. “For that to work you need to send laser beams that carry certain information, quantum information, and then you need the senders and the receivers to get together to find a protocol to secure the communication.”



The data can’t be hacked is because the information carried in the quantum state of a particle cannot be measured or cloned without destroying the information itself.

China’s science team believes the atmosphere in space will allow the photons to travel further without disruption because “in space there’s nothing to attenuate light.”

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