This Week’s Top NASA & Space News –From ET Signals Hint at Another Universe to Hubble’s Heroic Future




ET Signals from the Milky Way –"We've Missed Signals We Were Totally Unaware Of" (VIDEO)

"Alien Life on Earth" –NASA Announces Discovery of Bizarre 50,000 Year-Old Life Trapped in Crystals in a Cave System–"Both a Fairyland and Hell" (VIDEO)

"Zealandia" –Evidence Emerges for an Eighth "Lost Continent" We Didn't Know Existed 

NASA: Organic Molecules Discovered on Dwarf Planet Ceres –"The First Clear Detection" (VIDEO)

"The Pale Orange Dot" –NASA Looks at Early Earth as an Alien Planet

Colossal Galaxy in Center of Phoenix Cluster Creating 1,000 New Stars a Year –Fed By Its Supermassive Black Hole (VIDEO Tour)

Great Space Observatories of the Future –PBS Space Time Video

Mysteries of Earth's Magnetic Field Revealed in Ancient Judean Jars –"Fluctuated Violently in Past Without Ending Life on Our Planet"


"Hubble's Heroic Future" –Trump White House Mulls Sending a Manned Spacecraft to Upgrade the Space Telescope (VIDEO)

NASA’s Hubble Telescope Observes a Comet 100,000-Times Larger Than Halley’s

LIGO's Gravitational Waves May Point to a Universe Beyond

NASA: "How Will We Recognize Alien Life in the Universe?"

NASA Reveals 1st Robotic Mission to Europa –Will Defy Arthur C. Clark's Warning: "Attempt No Landing There"

NASA Kepler Mission Astronomer Warns: "Extraterrestrial Contact Could End Life on Earth" (VIDEO)



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