Strange Galaxy With a Double Nucleus –“Functions as a Colossal Cosmic Laser Beam”






This strange galaxy has a far more exciting and futuristic classification than most — it hosts a megamaser. Megamasers are intensely bright, around 100 million times brighter than the masers found in galaxies like the Milky Way. The entire galaxy essentially acts as an astronomical laser that beams out microwave emission rather than visible light.


China’s Deep Dive! Unmanned Submersibles Reach the Hadal Zone –“Deeper Than Mount Everest, Preview of Jupiter’s Ocean-Moon Europa”


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In 2011, international team of microbiologists of the Microbiology of Extreme Environments Laboratory in partnership with the Institute of Oceanography of Xiamen (China) and the Earth Science Laboratory discovered a new species of archaebacteria, Pyrococcus CH1,discovered thriving on a mid-Atlantic ridge within a temperature range of 80 to 105°C and able to divide itself up to a hydrostatic pressure of 120 Mpa (1000 times higher than the atmospheric pressure).


One of Earth’s Ancient Supervolcanoes Reawakens –“Triggered a ‘Volcanic Winter’ 200,000 Years Ago”





One of the planet’s most massive supervolcanoes is showng signs of a reawakening. An international team of geologists monitored the activity signs of the ancient volcano, Campi Flegrei with a large caldera, or depression, more than seven miles across, just west of Naples, that was formed thousands of years ago and has erupted several times in the recent geological periods. The study was published in Nature Communications. In response to the news, Italy’s government has raised the volcano’s threat level from green to yellow, urging a measured response to the study, followed by additional scientific work.


MIT Researchers Measure the Quantum Universe –“From the Planck Scale to Life”

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“We know that very small things act quantum, but then big things like you and me don’t act very quantum,” says William Burton,  with the  MIT  physics department. “So we can see how far apart we can stretch a quantum system and still have it act coherently when we bring it back together.”


“Hidden Mass” of the Universe Has Decreased Since Big Bang –“May Still Be Disintegrating”




Astronomers first suspected that there was a large proportion of “hidden mass” in the Universe back in the 1930s, when Fritz Zwicky discovered “peculiarities” in a cluster of galaxies in the constellation Coma Berenices – the galaxies moved as if they were under the effect of gravity from an unseen source. This hidden mass that does not manifest itself in any way, except for a gravitational effect, was given the name dark matter. According to data from the Planck space telescope, the proportion of dark matter in the Universe is 26.8%, the rest is “ordinary” matter (4.9%) and dark energy (68.3%).



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