China’s Astronomers Lead Search for ET With World’s Largest Radio Telescope –“Some Warn ET Civilizations Hidden Hunters”




“Some strange signals have been found, but it’s hard to confirm their origins, because these signals do not repeat,” says says Li Di, chief scientist with the radio astronomy department of China’s National Astronomical Observatories (NAOC).. “We look for not only television signals, but also atomic bomb signals. We shall give full play to our imaginations when processing the signals. It’s a complete exploration, as we don’t know what an alien is like.”


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The Oceans of Saturn’s “Geyser-Moon” Enceladus –New NASA Research Reveals a Hotspot for Life




How acidic is the ocean on Saturn’s icy moon Enceladus? It’s a fundamental question to understanding if this geyser-spouting moon could support life. The Cassini spacecraft has been taking regular measurements of Enceladus for more than a decade to evaluate its environment.


Today’s “Galaxy” Stream –The Origins of the Universe: Why is There Something Rather than Nothing? (VIEW)




Great mysteries still surround the origins and existence of the universe. Physicist Neil Turok, philosopher of physics David Albert, and writer and philosopher Jim Holt discuss with host Steve Paulson the most basic existential question of all: Why are we here? Jim Holt says "We're five Einstein's from understanding the origin and existence of the cosmos."


The Four Biggest Mistakes of Einstein’s Scientific Life






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