Our “AI” Future –“Apple’s iPhone Manufacturer to Replace 500,000 workers with One Million Robots Over Next 3-5 Years”



In 2011, China's Foxconn, the company that builds Apple's iPhone and iPad hardware and many of the android smartphones, had announced a plan to replace 500,000 mainland Chinese workers with 1 million robots over the next 3-5 years. The company has so far installed 40,000 production robots across China as it looks to minimize the number of people it employs.

Except for components like servo motors and speed reducers, the robots are being built entirely in-house, Foxconn's Dai Chia-peng told Taiwan's Central News Agency, reorts DigiTimes. Dai said that Foxconn is currently manufacturing 10,000 robots per year. Each one can potentially go far towards replacing human labor —in Kunshan alone, Foxconn is known to have cut 60,000 workers.



Thirty-five Taiwanese companies, including Apple’s supplier Foxconn, spent a total of 4 billion yuan (HK$4.74 billion) on artificial intelligence last year, according to the Kunshan government’s publicity department.

The Daily Galaxy via Digitimes, South China Morning Post, Apple Insider



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