New National Geographic Mini-Series –“Creates Man’s 1st Model Habitat on Mars”




National Geographic created what could be man’s first home on Mars as part of its research for a new miniseries on the red planet.The home is now set to be built in London using materials as close to possible as those found on the red planet.

The igloo-like structure will be made from the regolith (Martian soil), using recycled spacecraft parts, including a double air-locked entrance, all designed to protect the early settlers from Mars’ unforgiving atmosphere, which includes temperatures as low as minus seventy degrees Celsius, cosmic radiation, thin atmosphere and micrometeorite impacts. The walls will be around 10 feet thick, in order to protect against the harsh Martian environment. It’s exterior will include a transparent viewing dome, large transmitter and stability ‘wings’.

The home is designed to be situated in Valles Marineris, a 4,000km long, 100km wide system of canyons that runs along the equator of Mars.

The show’s plot reveals the crew ill also develop the first Mars colony, called Olympus Town set in the foothills of Olympus Mons, the planet’s tallest mountain, where underground lava tubes provide shelter and protection from cosmic radiation.

The Daily Galaxy via National Geographic and



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