World’s Top Physicists Tell Us Why They Were Inspired By “Star Trek!” (VIEW)




For more than 50 years, Star Trek has inspired us to pursue knowledge, create new technologies, and boldly go toward a better future for humanity. To celebrate Star Trek’s recent 50th anniversary, Canada’s Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics asked several current, former, and visiting Perimeter researchers to tell us why the series is so important to them.

The epic series has also inspired numerous generations of physicists to probe the limits of our current understanding of the universe.


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4 Guariento_Star-Trek-Slice_2

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7 Johnson_Star-Trek-Slice

8 Diamond_Star-Trek-Slice

9 Avery_Star-Trek-Slice_2

10 Sierens_Star-Trek-Slice_2

10 Turok_Star-Trek-Slice

11 Erickcek_Star-Trek-Slice_2

12 Avery_Star-Trek-Slice_2


The Daily Galaxy via Perimeter Institute


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