The ‘Galaxy’ Roundup — Last Week’s Most Popular Headlines




The "Galaxy's" most viewed headlines for the past seven days from the epic discovery of a potentially habitable planet in the nearby Alpha Centauri star system to China's report that it plans to build a manned radar station on the moon.

A Voyage to Alpha Centauri's Habitable Planet in the Year 3030 (VIDEO) 

Astronomers Detect Powerful Mystery Signal from Constellation Hercules –"Claim a Strong Possibility of Extraterrestrial Intelligence" 

Jupiter's Eerie Voice –NASA's First Juno Mission Flyby: "Unlike Anything in Our Solar System" (LISTEN) 

China Unveils Plans for a Manned Radar Station on the Moon –"Leading Space Scientists Have Joined the Project"

The Genesis Project"— Scientists Propose Transplanting Earth Life to Alien Planets

NASA Astrobiology Doubts Claim of 3.7 Billion Year Old Fossil –"Earth's Skies were Orange and Oceans Green"

Epic Discovery of Proxima Centauri b –"Habitable-Zone Planet Orbiting Our Closest Star Evolved Very Differently Than Earth" 

China's Scientists Propose the Human 'Quantum Brain' –"The Source of Our Dominance on the Planet: More Complex Than a Galaxy" 

Hubble Discovery –A Strange Alien: "Blue Planet That Rains Glass Sideways in 4,500 MPH Winds" (VIDEO)

Russia Plans Mission to Land a Rocket on Jupiter's Ganymede, Only Moon with its Own Magnetic Field –"100-Kilometer-Deep Ocean a Hotspot for Life"


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