This Week’s Most Popular –“Mystery Alien Signal from the Hercules Constellation to Missions to Far Side of the Moon”




The Galaxy’s most viewed posts this week, from the Mystery Alien Signal from the Hercules Constellation to the upcoming NASA and China missions to the Far Side of the Moon. Amazing news coming out of China…

“China May Be Earth’s First Nation to Detect Alien Life” –Poised to Flip ‘ON’ Switch of World’s Largest, Most Powerful Radio Telescope

“Gigantic Compared to Our Solar System” –Two Massive Holes Caused by Dark Matter Observed Just Outside Milky Way”

Mystery Alien Signal from Hercules Constellation –“Was from a Russian Military Satellite” –Russian News Agency TASS

China’s Largest Telescope Sights an Asteroid Approaching Earth

“Far, Silent Side of the Moon” –Upcoming NASA and China Missions to “Fill a Void” in Our Knowledge of the Universe

China Speeding Efforts to Build a Manned Oceanic “Space Station”


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