Last Week’s Most Viewed Posts –“Mystery Alien Signal” to the “Human Quantum Brain”


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Sample the Galaxy’s most viewed post during September, from the hotly debated “Mystery Alien Signal” from the Hercules Constellation to Mystery X-Rays from Pluto to the new view of the Human “Quantum” Brain. 


NASA Mystery: Scientists Baffled By Pluto’s Intense X-Ray Emissions –“No Natural Means for Emitting Them” 

Mystery Alien Signal from Hercules Constellation –“Was from a Russian Military Satellite” –Russian News Agency TASS

“Giant Comets from the Kuiper Belt Pose a Real Threat to Earth” –NASA’s New Horizons Spacecraft to Probe These Outer Reaches

Hubble Captures Mysterious Rebirth of a Star –“The 1st Ever Observed”

China’s Scientists Propose the Human ‘Quantum Brain’ –“The Source of Our Dominance on the Planet: More Complex Than a Galaxy”

Mystery of the Apollo Moon Rocks: Solved! –“Violent Impact Vaporized Earth Creating a Superfluid Disk the Moon Crystallizes From”

Robotic NASA Detective Discovers Planet-Destroying Electric Winds That Suck Oxygen Out of an Atmosphere

Earth’s First Nation to Detect Alien Life” –Poised to Flip ‘ON’ Switch of World’s Largest, Most Powerful Radio Telescope

NASA Satellites Orbiting 400 Miles Above Earth Reveal Ancient Buried Egyptian Pyramids

SETI Astronomers Discuss Discovery of Nearby Planet Proxima b and Mystery Alien Signal from the Hercules Constellation (VIDEO)

Image credit: With thanks to antonygormley


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