StarTalk With Neil deGrasse Tyson –“Cosmic Queries” From Alien Plant Life to Jupiter’s Ocean Moon (LISTEN)




In this episode of Cosmic Queries, Neil will discuss topics ranging from alien plant life, to colonizing Mars, to whether velocity could be considered a dimension. You’ll find out if the constellations would look different when seen from Saturn, whether there’s a north pole to our universe, and why astronomers got the Milky Way’s north pole wrong in the first place.




Discover why a stable black hole can’t exist inside a star, and how the expansion of our Sun will affect the Earth. You’ll learn how scientists knew to leave gaps in the periodic table of the elements, and why the moon is spiraling away from the Earth at 5 inches a year. Neil speculates on what the bright spot on the dwarf planet Ceres might be, whether we’ll explore Jupiter’s moon Europa in our lifetimes, and if we’ll find life in its subsurface ocean. You’ll also hear how NASA inventions led to grooved highway pavement and safer, cheaper LASIK surgery. On the lighter side, Neil and Chuck talk about the Ship of the Imagination from COSMOS: A Spacetime Odyssey to YouTube’s famous “Double Rainbow Guy.



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