‘The Martian’ Interview: Ridley Scott on the Existence of Alien Life & Water on Mars (VIDEO)





Director Ridley Scott along with Matt Damon and the cast of ‘The Martian’ sat down with Yahoo to answer some questions about the film and a Q & A about whether or not life exists outside our solar system. Here's Scott's view on the probability of alien life.

“[If] you take the sun as the center of this particular galaxy, around that radius of where Earth is to the sun; there are millions of planets at roughly the same position. Therefore, logically, if [other planets] are feeding off [their] sun as their main source of survival and evolution there have got to be thousands if not millions of planets that are in the same condition as us. Different in many respects, but evolution of people [or] beings has to be logical.”

Take a look below at the entire interview with cast members from ‘The Martian’ including Matt Damon, Ridley Scott, and The Martian author Andy Weir.





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