Today’s ‘Galaxy’ Insight –“Does Information Underlie All Reality?”






"Trying to wrap my brain around this idea of information theory as the basis of existence, I came up with the phrase “it from bit.” The universe and all that it contains (“it”) may arise from the myriad yes-no choices of measurement (the “bits”). Niels Bohr wrestled for most of his life with the question of how acts of measurement (or “registration”) may affect reality. It is registration—whether by a person or a device or a piece of mica (anything that can preserve a record)—that changes potentiality into actuality. I build only a little on the structure of Bohr’s thinking when I suggest that we may never understand this strange thing, the quantum, until we understand how information may underlie reality. Information may not be just what we learn about the world. It may be what makes the world."

John Archibald Wheeler. Geons, Black Holes, and Quantum Foam: A Life in Physics. Princeton theoretical physicist who popularized the term "black hole", coined the terms  "quantum foam", "wormhole", and "it from bit", and for hypothesizing the "one-electron universe".




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