“Be a Star!” –Our Invitation to Be a Content Contributor to The Daily Galaxy





We're inviting our followers and fans to participate in powering The Daily Galaxy –Great Discoveries Channel by contributing compelling content for several new features. Your contributions will be posted on our dailygalaxy.com home page with your byline and tweeted to our highly-engaged Twitter community (341,000) and posted on our Facebook timeline (25,000) to provide the widest audience possible. Our upcoming new features include:

The Daily Insight (great space/science quotes)

Image of the Day (a compelling space or discovery photo)

Scoop! (email tips on a breaking news story)

Street Views (smartphone or tablet-created interviews describing key events or discoveries) Think: reactions to a major discovery or event in science or space. These will be posted to our website, Twitter stream, and YouTube channel. An example would be an opening night "Street View" of Ridley Scott's The Martian, about a manned mission to Mars, scheduled for release this November.

The SciFi Signal (compelling review of an important new science fiction book or movie).

"Today's Big Number" –Sometimes numbers tell profound stories. For example, 10,000 –the size of the human population 74,000 years ago after the Toba eruption that produced a 1,000-year cooling cycle.

With our thanks. Submit to: editor@dailygalaxy.com

Val Landi, Founder/Publisher




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