From the X Files: The IAU’s “Commission 51” and the Search for ET Life




The International Astronomical Union's (IAU) formal Search for Extraterrestrial Life has been established as "Commission 51 –a dedicated body of scientists searching for extraterrestrial life. The bioastronomy objectives of the commission include: The search for planets around other stars; The search for radio transmissions, intentional or unintentional, of extraterrestrial origin; The search for biologically relevant interstellar molecules and the study of their formation processes; Detection methods for potential spectroscopic evidence of biological activity.

Professor Sun Kwok, the University of Hong Kong’s dean of science, believes that evidence of extraterrestrial life will be discovered within the next fifty years, but perhaps as soon as twenty years. And although he expects to discover microbial life, he firmly believes that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe, and also believes that “a lot of scientists also hold the opinion that there is intelligent life out there.”

At the recent annual assembly of the IAU, Kwok was elected vice-president of the bioastronomy Commission 51 for the next three years.

The Daily Galaxy via IAU 


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