Watch Live: A “Potentially Hazardous” Near-Earth Asteroid to Fly By Tonight




Watch it live tonight: An asteroid that NASA astronomers compared to the size of a city block dubbed 2012 LZ1, is roughly 502 metres wide, and will come within 14 "lunar distances" — a measurement of the distance from the Earth to the moon — from our planet. A few days ago astronomers first noticed the giant asteroid's flight path. The broadcast of the flyby will be available on Slooh's website —click here— starting at 8 p.m. ET.

The high-powered Slooh Space Camera Telescope predicts the asteroid will be visible on a live online feed from the Canary Islands. ET, though it won't be detectable by the naked eye. While the 2012 LZ1 will likely come within 5.4 million kilometers of Earth, we are not in danger of an impact.

In May, the 2012 JU school-bus sized asteroid gave us a closer shave, coming within 191,500 kilometres to our planet. In November, the massive 2005 YU55 asteroid the size of an aircraft carrier also came within an astronomical whisker of impact with Earth, zooming past about 325,000 kilometres away, and just inside the moon's orbit. That asteroid was the closest asteroid flyby in 30 years.



If the past is prelude, there's bound to be a massive collision event from a rogue asteroid at some point in the "near" future unless we successfully intervene.The "Impact Map of the World" above shows most of the 160 impact craters that have been identified since 1950. The bulk of the terrestrial impact craters that were ever formed, however, have been obliterated by eons of geological processes.

The NASA image below shows the near-Earth asteroid Eros in 2000.



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