Comment of the Day: “Prometheus” Suggests DNA May Be a Constant in the Universe




"Imagine yourself to be a bio-molecular engineer somewhere at some time and place, and maybe not human…let’s just say of "advanced sentience”. And you were given a project to seed the galaxy or universe with life with sufficient robustness built in to maximize its chances of surviving on a wide range of planetary homes it might land on. One would analyze typical solar systems, determine the standard chemical profiles, find the least volatile solar zones (Goldilocks range) and proceed with molecular design.

One might determine that by accident, or if seeded, the available chemical elements in the selected thermodynamic stable zone self-assembles into a 3-d shape, the DNA helix, that one can add to, preserve, and by virtue of it’s being 3-d, maximize it’s information content by known theory linked to entropic-order principles.

"All of this so far is fine but, by introducing order and information coding, we now need an energy source; and so we design a series of Turing concept energy cycles that transform raw energy sources (wheat, meat, water) into electron fluxes that drive a central processing unit (brain=CPU) that controls muscles, heat exchange (for thermo stability), repair of muscles and cosmic-ray damages to DNA. And so on until, though not perfect because the system does have a tendency to degrade over time (death), we are ready to set free on the galactic solar winds and E/M streams little asteroid toy boats loaded with our project molecular systems, our DNA project, our babies. And in addition, we have added a cracker jack candy prize – deep within the DNA structure a rogue programmer has added his/her/? personal touch – an emergency pack of extra DNA information just to give a boost to repair or adaptiveness as our 'baby'travels along."


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