Saturday’s ‘Comment of the Day’ –Extraterrestrial Life Common in the Universe –Wishful Thinking?



"There is absolutely no reason to believe that life wouldn't evolve exactly as it has here given the enormity of the universe. It will be carbon based and have DNA coding very similar to ours. Why? Because that is the way chemistry works and the chemicals are the same everywhere in the universe. So it really is a situation where the chemicals are everywhere and the chemistry is unified, so the only real variable is environment. I would go so far as to speculate species very similar to what we have here on Earth. We should expect to see similar adaptations (perhaps solved with different morphology) in those life forms as well. The bigger question is whether we will ever find any life we can actually "communicate" with. Even if it exists, the scale of the universe and the limiting factor of light speed will greatly hinder that ability. No discussion of intelligent life on other planets is complete without at least a mention of the Fermi Paradox."

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