Tuesday’s ‘Comment of the Day’ –“Super Earths Could Seed Microbial Life in their Solar Systems”



"The theory of panspermia, the idea that the complex building blocks of life were ejected throughout the universe along with everything else in the big bang makes the most sense to me. It would be the perfect way to ensure a vast variety of different life forms.

"Then there's the theory of directed panspermia, the idea that intelligent life naturally arose in 1 part of the universe first, at which point over billions of years they have spread life to other worlds and galaxies.

"Of those 2 theories i think the first one makes the most sense to me. Scientist are just now discovering that complex organic matter is apparently a natural product of new born stars and star systems. So the theory of panspermia is becoming more and more likely with each new discovery. If it's proven to be true, it all but guarantees that the universe is teeming with life in all forms and all stages of development."


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