‘Comment of the Day’: “40,000 Years of Human-Dominated History is About to End”



"I've a hunch that having a hunch is something AI systems will freak out at. Building intuition, common-sense and logic of abduction is a non-trivial task. Genius does not necessarily follow a heuristic and deterministic track, else it would be common-place. Still it may evolve even if not programmed in."


"J├╝rgen Schmidhuber doesn't know what he's talking about. Most of the last 40,000 years birds have "dominated" the sky. So what? Machines will never be reasoning things, in the way we are reasoning beings, until we manage to make a half-way decent replication of all human brain functions. We're nowhere close to that. I would give a better chance, and a very low one at that, to groups of very intelligent humans becoming reproductively isolated from the less intelligent and give rise, after 500,000 years (or 1 million years, or 2 million years) or so, to a new and improved hominid species."

Ivan Soto

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