Comment of the Day: “Humans May be One of the Early Advanced Species in Our Universe”



"The problem with this (that humans maybe an early bird in the universe) is that it fails to really understand that when life can exist, it exists rapidly and in great profusion. Using our only existence of proof, Earth, we see that once life begins, it proceeds rapidly. A billion years is nothing. The entire history of life on this Earth is about 600 million years. In that time life has risen and fallen many times. Our own species is less that 250 thousand years old. Given that, I suspect that life on other worlds would exist in great profusion as well. It wouldn't take a billion years. Even if there was life on other worlds that was only a few hundred thousand years older than us ( a fraction of a cosmic blink) we should see evidence of their work. Even the most conservative diffusion models predict that there is more than enough time for life to permeate the observed Universe. So, the question still stands: Where are they?"


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The image shows the galaxy density in the COSMOS field surveyed by the Hubble Space Telescope, with colors representing the distance of the galaxies. The X-ray contours (in pink) show the extended X-ray emission as observed by the XMM-Newton spacecraft.


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