Wednesday Debate –‘The Cosmic Connection’



"We are like the inhabitants of an isolated valley in New Guinea who communicate with societies in neighboring valleys (quite different societies, I might add) by runner and by drum. When asked how a very advanced society will communicate, they might guess by an extremely rapid runner or by an improbably large drum. They might not guess a technology beyond their ken. And yet, all the while, a vast international cable and radio traffic passes over them, around them, and through them… 

"We will listen for the interstellar drums, but we will miss the interstellar cables. We are likely to receive our first messages from the drummers of the neighboring galactic valleys – from civilizations only somewhat in our future. The civilizations vastly more advanced than we, will be, for a long time, remote both in distance and in accessibility. At a future time of vigorous interstellar radio traffic, the very advanced civilizations may be, for us, still insubstantial legends."

– Carl Sagan, "The Cosmic Connection"

What do you think?

Image above is dwarf galaxy is called SagDEG (for Sagittarius Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy. This galaxy was immediately recognized as being the nearest known neighbor to our Milky Way, significantly closer than the Large Magellanic Cloud which was considered to be our closest companion until than. It held the title of our nearest intergalactic neighbor for nine years, but lost it in November 2003 to the then newly discovered Canis Major Dwarf.


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