Sunday’s ‘Comment of the Day’: Michio Kaku on the Threat of Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life



'I don't believe for a second that highly sophisticated technological advancement (like interstellar travel) will make us less predators towards others.'

"Yes, technological progress per se does not change our primitive instincts of aggressiveness, anger and domination. But evolution is also at the level of intelligence, which is crucial for survival. Intelligence, as it evolves, discovers futility of certain primitive behavior and that is how slavery, racism and territorial expansionism do not have the same respectability as in the past. Civilizations progress means enhancement of the ability to subdue or outgrow from the primitive urges. 

"When humans travel beyond this tiny planet, the vastness and enormity of the universe would make them humble and realize how insignificant and mean they are with their primitiveness. In sum, the technological progress over thousands of years (if we survive) will also entail growth of intelligence and positive aspects of our humanness."

Rajnish Roy 

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