Sunday’s ‘Comment of Day’: “Humans May be One of the Early Advanced Species in Our Universe”




"I believe that an advanced species would probably try to dominate the cosmos. I also believe that advanced intelligence would be AI, and their ability to obtain energy and mass would be far greater than any biological system. In addition, there is a possibility that their silence proves that instantaneous space travel is not possible, that is assuming that other advanced species exist, and are attempting to colonize the universe. The question is, if they are silent, and instantaneous space travel is possible, and these are artifical beings, how long is it before they arrive?"


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This Chandra X-ray image above shows the central portion of the Andromeda Galaxy. The blue dot in the center of the image is an unusually "cool" million degree X-ray source of unknown nature. Just above this cool source is a source (yellow) that is thought to be due to X-rays from matter swirling toward a supermassive black hole in the nucleus of the galaxy. This black hole contains the mass of 30 million suns. Numerous other X-ray sources are also apparent. Most of these are probably due to X-ray binary systems, in which a neutron star or black hole is in a close orbit around a normal star.


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