Monday’s ‘Comment of the Day’: Michio Kaku on Extraterrestrial Life



"Dr. Kaku uses a critical term, 'chances…' in his thesis about what ET might be like and I appreciate and understand his pulling punches about characterizing the ET we have not yet met. I tend to go along with Dr Kaku that predation is a likely early stage of resource competition in an ET evolutionary path from primitive micro-organism to space travel, but I feel, as other commentators here do, that actual predation is left behind as it is learned/experienced that a consequence of having the predator trait can be species self-destruction as weaponry advances. 

"Thus 'chances are’ the ET we meet will view us with interest and self-awareness from their own root beginnings. This might result in ET being unafraid of us or very leery or …, creating a matrix of ET decisions whether to make themselves known to us or stay away. 

"But Kaku’s thought about predation also makes one think about other ET characteristics of the so-far-undetected-or-unrevealed-contact. For instance, what might be the ‘universals’ of any life form we encounter? Certainly predation seems to be good candidate to being a universal (maybe one is being too anthro-centered here). 

"But what about the notion of ‘evolution’ itself, is evolution a universal? The answer to this seems a simple enough, ‘yes, but'. And what other universals might there be: energy cycles, carbon-based biochem, bio-information mechanisms (is DNA universal, indirectly I believe NASA seems to think so), development of a brain, temperature-pressure environment (I believe that dependent on the bio-chemistries involved life has a much wider temperature-pressure window than NASA’s “Goldilocks” optimum), individualization (as opposed to group inter-linking), bilateralism as opposed to radial, bi-sexualism e.g., male and female and…, etc. 

"There is a lot more thinking to be done along these lines. But, thanks again, Dr. Kaku."


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