Comment of the Day: “Maybe That’s How a Nascent Planetary Civilization Ends”


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"There is much we could do to make even 7 billion sustainable on the planet, and the main obstacle are corporations and networks of power and capital which are benefiting mightily from the status quo and are not going to change on their own. But that obstacle looks insurmountable especially in light of the utter silliness of current political campaigns, and the death-wish greed and rampant corruption firmly ensconced in power.

"So maybe that's how a nascent planetary civilization ends before it barely begins. While other parameters of the Drake equation have been increasing, the last parameter, the lifetime of a potentially space-faring civilization, seems, in light of our own current experience, to be not necessarily very long. One wonders whether this is an inevitable hurdle in the development of civilizations, or whether it is a peculiar failing of the human narrative on earth."

Stephen Miller

Original Post: EcoAlert: Urban Sprawl! –Welcome to the 'Anthropocene Epoch'


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