Saturday’s ‘Comment of the Day’: Michio Kaku on Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life



"As one commenter smartly points out: 'I see most commenters above are confusing predator with carnivore. Humans are omnivores, but we are still predators. Dr. Kaku is making a reasonable, but presently untestable assumption that intelligence arises from predatory behavior.'

"That humans aren't carnivores doesn't mean they are not predators. It's a characteristic that we have still intrinsically embedded in our society. And I certainly do not believe that huge technological advancement degrades predatory behavior. I don't know about other alien races, but certainly this is true for homo sapiens. Did going to the moon make us less predators? When we go to the stars, we will certainly carry our biological instincts with us as well, just as we did in every other exploration and exploitation of land through history. 

"Our history is full of examples of the 'advanced' one wiping out the most 'primitive' one. Ask the Native Americans to tell you about it or the African slaves. The US nation is entirely built on the wipe-out of the whole north american native culture! All of human history is full of examples of more advanced civilisations exploiting or killing less advanced ones. 

"Even in today's world, how many wars are fought because the more advanced countries that have the power, want to take hold of something the less advanced countries have, i.e. natural resources? That doesn't mean that an advanced alien civilisation will certainly have to behave that way. My point is that I don't believe for a second that highly sophisticated technological advancement (like interstellar travel) will make us less predators towards others. It never did."


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