Comment of the Day: “Ignoring 500 Billion Galaxies: Mathematics vs Common Sense in the Debate About the Probability of Extraterrestrial Life”




"They seem to be overlooking the fact that we're using more than human existence as evidence for life elsewhere. We're using all life on earth as an example. Humans weren't the first life forms to pop up. We are at the top of an enormous family tree of earth life. From the largest creatures to the very smallest, we observe life here that exist in the most extreme conditions, which basically guarantees that non intelligent life is spread all across the universe.

"So is it really that big of a stretch to say that a few other places in this gigantic place have the right conditions for intelligent life to come about? Especially considering that we are finally beginning to be able to identify places where life could easily flourish. Intelligence is an evolutionary trait we developed to survive and it is something that enabled us to build a bank of knowledge through language. And if we arose naturally on this planet, tell me again how that is not evidence for elsewhere? We are very much a part of this universe and to dismiss everything here as not being evidence is crazy."


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