Image of the Day: The Haunting Beauty of NGC 3190 –A Deadly Supernova Factory


This magnificent galaxy inspires us, again, to ask: does advanced life exist there? The fact that we have no proof of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe may simply mean that intelligent civilizations have all too finite lifetimes. NGC 3190 is a spiral galaxy of unbearable beauty in the constellation Leo. It was discovered by William Herschel in 1784. In 2002, astronomers uncovered one supernova in March in the southeastern part and then another team uncovered a second supernova on the other side two months later -sure destroyers of vicinity-based life.

The spectacular image below is the "Trio in Leo." There is actually a fourth member of this group which not shown- but the group also goes by another catalogued name of "Hickson 44." These galaxies are estimated to be 60 million light years away. The galaxy furthest to the left is an elliptical galaxy (NGC 3193) and is fairly devoid of detail. The top center of the image features NGC 3190.


The Daily Galaxy Via NASA/Hubble/Spitzer


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