“The Daily Flash” — Sci, Space, Tech (6/8)

Lores Kepler's Astounding Haul of Multiple-Planet Systems

NASA's Kepler spacecraft has discovered 170 planetary systems containing between two and six transiting planets. This animation shows all the multiple-planet systems discovered by Kepler as of 2/2/2011; orbits go through the entire mission (3.5 years). Hot colors to cool colors (red to yellow to green to cyan to blue to gray) are big planets to smaller planets, relative to the other planets in the system.

Icloud_01 Steve Jobs to PC: ‘You’re Busted!’

Steve Jobs’s return to the stage yesterday at Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference focused on software. Hardware provides Apple’s brains and sinew, he told us, while software is its soul. Though there were three chapters to the story he spun, the narrative was coherent. Apple was staking its claim in the great Operating System wars in the second decade of this century. Passing through the flak smoke of competitive visions — from Google and Microsoft, natch — Jobs was like a deft bombardier tweaking the flight path before releasing his payload, the Apple Way of modern computing.

The Emerging Epicenters of High Tech Industry


For this map, Wired asked the Cluster Mapping Project at Harvard Business School to provide the top 20 job-creating areas for the following fields: Plastics, Chemicals, Automotive, Aerospace vehicles, Information technology, Biopharma, Metal manufacturing, Communication technology, Medical technology, Analytical instruments, and Electrical equipment.

Mit_battery MIT battery could revolutionize electric cars

MIT believes it's overcome one of the biggest barriers to the acceptance of electric cars — the time it takes recharging them — while at the same time halving the cost of batteries. Its new battery relies on what's called a semi-solid flow cell, in which solid particles are suspended in a carrier liquid and pumped through the system. The battery’s cathodes and anodes are composed of particles suspended in liquid electrolytes, which are pumped through systems separated by a filter, such as a thin porous membrane. The technique, says MIT, could make recharging an electric vehicle as quick and easy as filling a gas tank.

Salathe-el-capitan-free-climb-530 Ultimate Adventure Bucket List

Here they are. The 20 most extreme, hair-raising, legendary adventures on the planet, daunting even for the world's elite athletes. If you've got the mettle, add these to your lifetime to-do list. Not quite ready? Check out the 20 next-best adventures — and start planning.


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