New Search to Begin for Radio-Emitting Stars & Galaxies


The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) is a multinational science project to build the world's largest and most sensitive radio telescope that hopes to answer some of the most enduring mysteries of the Universe, including dark energy, general relativity in extreme conditions, and why the Universe came to the look the way it does now.

The location of the of the telescope will be either in South Africa or Australia where there will be multiple radio antennas with a collection area of about a square kilometer.

"Since the 1950s," said Jocelyn Bell Burnell, radio astronomer and President of the Institute of Physics, "radio astronomy has provided scientific pioneers with tools to revolutionize our understanding of the Universe. The power of this new telescope project however is going to surpass anything we've seen before, enabling us to see many more radio-emitting stars and galaxies and pulling the curtains wide open on parts of the great beyond that radio astronomers like me have only ever dreamt of exploring. The Square Kilometre Array heralds in a post-Einstein era of physics that will help us take huge strides in our attempt to understand the most bizarre objects and the darkest ages of the Universe."

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