EcoAlert: Japan Tragedy Update -Hydrogen Explosion at Fukushima Reactor #1

Img_16615_japan-nuclear-reactor-explosion-fukushima-meltdown.jpg The nuclear crisis at Fukushima No 1 nuclear plant continues, with a hydrogen explosion blowing off a reactor building and injuring 11 people. The blast at the number 3 reactor had been anticipated and was similar to the explosion seen previously at the number 1 reactor. It has not, apparently, damaged the reactor itself or the containment vessel and authorities said radiation levels were normal around it. However, Japanese media are reporting that cooling has now failed at a third reactor at the plant (confusingly, number 2 reactor).

Police are reporting that about 1,000 bodies have been found in Minamisanriku and another 1,000 on the Ojika Peninsula coast in Miyagi, the worst hit prefecture, according to Japanese media.

Plans for rolling black outs in Tokyo and the surrounding area are currently suspended. Many private firms have voluntarily halted business or taken other measures to help reduce demand; although supply has been hit badly by the nuclear plant closures, it is still keeping up with consumption at present.

An early morning tsunami alert, with sirens and broadcast warnings, turned out to be a false alarm. But authorities have warned people to remain careful as aftershocks of up to 6.2 magnitude continue to rock the north east.

The Daily Galaxy via The Guardian


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