EcoAlert: Newly Observed Tribe in Heart of the Amazon (VIDEO)

Video of a never before discovered tribe, believed to be Panoa Indians. discovered in Brazil's Amazon jungle has been released, bringing them to life.

The tribe has been monitored from a distance by Brazil’s National Indian Foundation, a government agency charged with handling the nation’s indigenous communities. Many of the world’s 100 or so indigineous tribes live in the Amazon.

Until 1987, it was government policy to contact such people. But contact is fraught with potential problems, mainly disease due to their isolation from the mainstream world and its pathogens. Brazilian government policy is now to watch from afar, and attempt to protect uncontacted tribes from intrusion and exploitation.

As has happened elsewhere in the vast Amazon basin, tribes usually live in resource-rich areas threatened by logging, mining and other development. Videos like this, released by tribal advocacy group Survival International and produced by the BBC’s Human Planet program, are legal proof that uncontacted tribes still exist, and deserve protection.


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