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340x_fakeastronauts Mars Mission Nearing Its Thrilling, Fake Touchdown

Rejoice! Six fake astronauts near the end of their simulated Mars mission, and will set foot on Earth, which they will pretend is Mars. It's the closest a human will get to the real thing for a very long time. The journey will ultimately take 520 days, during which time these international pseudo-nauts will have been subjected to all manner of Mars voyage-related experiments, "mishaps" and just 52 showers each in their 1,800-square-foot vessel. Mishaps is in quotes because every catastrophe or challenge was created by engineers monitoring the fake astronauts from the outside.

500x_snowappsz The Best Apps for Snow Junkies

Carrying a phone on the slopes isn't just a good way to make sure you don't freeze to death after careening off an unseen ledge. With the right apps, it can be helpful in non-emergency-related ways, too!






340x_newwwwwicons The Next iPad Will Likely Have Camera, FaceTime, and PhotoBooth Apps

While digging around in the recently-released iOS 4.3 Beta 2, MacRumors found three app icons that seem to confirm the presence of (at least) a forward-facing camera on Apple's next iPad: FaceTime, Camera, and PhotoBooth. None of the icons appear in the current build of iOS 4.2, suggesting that Apple is getting their software ready for a camera-equipped tablet in the near future. Which is not all that surprising at this point! The addition of a camera—or, quite possibly, both front and back cameras—was always one of the most likely updates for the second generation iPad. Recent reports have suggested it'll also have a thinner, lighter design, an SD card slot, and a snappier processor.


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