EcoAlert: Spain’s Stunning Cathedral of Trash


Justo Gallego Martínez (also known as Don Justo) has built this beautiful cathedral of trash in Madrid over the past 50-odd years. Don Justo, a former monk, has been building the cathedral (modelled on St. Peter's in Italy) in the Spanish village of Mejorada del Campo (near Madrid) since 1961.The cathederal is 131-feet high, and needs to add a roof and a few windows to complete the edifice. Most of his building matter came from salvaged materials and recycled junk -the columns for example have been built with old oil drums. He uses both everyday objects and excess construction materials donated by construction companies and a nearby brick factory.

Don Justo was a farmer and bullfighter. As a young man, he joined a Trappist monastery but had to leave in 1961, after eight years, when he contracted tuberculosis and his health deteriorated. He began building the cathedral on a plot of land he had inherited from his parents in honor of the Lady of the Pillar, to whom he had prayed.



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