Physics of a Parallel Universe “Exerting a Ghostly Grip on Our Universe”

101220_nasa-3_p465 A link between quantum mechanics and topology implies the existence of an entirely new state of matter.

Nils Baas at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology says that we’re on the verge of discovering a totally new form of matter governed by an entirely new branch of physics, based on topology — a kind of parallel physics, in which the laws governing behavior in this parallel universe exert an inescapable, ghostly grip on our own universe.

This new physics -strange, unworldly bonds that allow cesium atoms to stick together in triplets should allow much more complex objects to form- may provide a new way to think about quantum entanglement and how to generate and exploit it.

The Nobel Prize-winning physicist Murray Gell-Mann once stated that: "Everything not forbidden is mandatory." He was referring, says MITs Technology Review, to the way particles interact in quantum mechanics. In other words, if there's no reason why particles cannot interact in a certain way, then they must interact in that way.

We'll soon learn how profound Gell-Mann's insight really was.


Casey Kazan via:

Ref: New States of Matter Suggested By New Topological Structures,


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