The Planet’s Great Animal Migrations -A New Mini-Series


Great Migrations, the largest undertaking in the National Geographic Society's 120-year history, will premiere this Sunday in high-definition and include four core hours focused on animal migrations across the globe.

The seven-hour mini-series  include a special that investigates the science behind animal migration; a behind-the-scenes special on the advanced technology required to capture the spectacular footage and rare behaviors documented during the filming; and an hour-long visual concert comprised of the footage set to original music.

The project chronicles the inspirational, often harrowing, journeys, unforgiving odds and what it means to move like your life depends on it. Wildebeests, zebras, red crabs, Mali elephants, kob, walruses, monarch butterflies, jellyfish and whale sharks are shown in their annual immense journeys. The production crew has traveled some 420,000 miles to every continent, filming hundreds of stories in more than 20 different countries.

"The scope of this project draws upon all of the Society's passion for the natural world," said Michael Rosenfeld, president of National Geographic Television, in a statement.  "We are using every resource at our disposal to produce and distribute this spectacular content in a coordinated effort across all media platforms. Many of the planet's great migrations are at risk, so the series is going to illuminate the fragile existence of these great animal movements and inspire a worldwide movement to protect them."

Sounds like something we don't want to miss!

Video Preview


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