The Daily Debate: Will ET Civilizations Be Religious?

Extraterrestrial_vistors_poster-p228066026033304949t5ta_400 "Let us suppose that elsewhere there is a universal religion that accurately reflects the existence of God or Gods; one that also permits a long-lived stable, technological civilization that untilizes some technology we are capable of remotely sensing. What might we expect to hear from them? If the detected technology is information bearing, rather than an accidental proof of existence, we can expect to learn about their God(s) and themselves as well as their view of the universe and its other inhabitants. Because new information about the universe is verifiable observationally (once it has been comprehended) skeptics and true believers alike will be converted to the revealed, superior religion, even if its practises are at first repugnant."

Jill Tarter, SETI researcher and the model for Jodie Foster's character in Contact. Image: Paintings from Val Camonica, Italy, c.10,000 BC

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