Cool It! A Contrarian View of Climate Change (VIDEO)

Cool It-cropped-proto-filmcritic_reviews___entry_default Cool It, a controversial new film based on a book of the same name by Danish writer Bjørn Lomborg, a contrarian who delights in questioning the gravity of our planet’s environmental problems, maintains that global warming should be one of the world’s “chief concerns” but argues that money spent on trying to limit carbon output would be better spent on investment in green technologies and geoengineering.. The movie was directed by Ondi Timoner, an award-winning documentarian. The film is currently enjoying a limited release across the United States.

The film suffers from the same simplification syndrome that weakened Al Gore's “An Inconvenient Truth.”… In “Cool It,” Lomborg breezily ticks down a laundry list of high-tech ways to engineer the atmosphere, for example, but avoids the big questions related to such planet-scale enterprises — such as the inevitable diplomatic dispute over who sets the planetary thermostat and how blocking the sun does nothing to stem the buildup of carbon dioxide, much of which will stay in the atmosphere for many centuries, according to the New York Times.

Lomberg believes there's light at the end of the global warming tunnel, presenting an eclectic menu of solutions ranging from from the practical simplicity of cooling cities by changing the color of the streets to highly complex systems designed to alter atmospheric conditions.

Casey Kazan via


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