“Page One” Story of the Century? NASA May Announce Thursday to Have Found Extraterrestrial Life

Pia09034 NASA has called a 2 p.m. news conference for Thursday "to discuss an astrobiology finding that will impact the search for evidence of extraterrestrial life." The group includes Pamela Conrad, author of a paper on geology and life on Mars; and James Elser, an Arizona State University professor involved in a NASA-funded program that emphasizes looking at the chemistry of environments where life evolves (and not just looking at water or carbon or oxygen); Felisa Wolfe-Simon (an oceanographer) has written extensively on photosynthesis using arsenic recently (she worked on the team mentioned in this article); Steven Benner (a biologist) is on the "Titan Team" at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory; they're looking at Titan (Saturn's largest moon) as an early-Earth-like chemical environment. This is likely related to the Cassini mission.


The 500th Alien Planet Discovered -“Finding a Second Earth Could Happen Anytime Now”: NASA/Harvard Teams (Today’s Most Popular)


"It could happen almost any time now. We now have the technological capability to identify Earth-like planets around the smallest stars."

David Latham -Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Last week a 21st-century miles was reached: Planet hunters discovered the 500th planet beyond our solar system.  To be sure, the vast majority are hot, Jupiter-sized planets that would dwarf the Earth and are almost certainly lifeless. Over the past 15 years, the count of these extrasolar worlds, has soared from single digits to the dozens and then into the hundreds. The pace of discovery is now so rapid that the number of identified planets leaped from 400 to 500 entries in just over a year.


“Cosmic Seesaw”: New Theory Balances Universe’s Visible Matter with Antimatter


Physicists have proposed a unified explanation for dark matter (image above of antimatter cloud near Milky Way center) and the so-called baryon asymmetry–the apparent imbalance of matter with positive baryon charge and antimatter with negative baryon charge in the Universe. UBC and TRIUMF physicists have proposed a unified explanation for dark matter and the so-called baryon asymmetry–the apparent imbalance of matter with positive baryon charge and antimatter with negative baryon charge in the Universe. Observations of the the big bang’s afterglow, the cosmic microwave background, by the WMAP satellite now show about 4.6 per cent of the Universe (by density) is comprised of atoms, with about five times more dark matter (23 per cent).


“Blue Plague” from the BP Oil Spill -It’s Not Wise to Mess With Mother Nature (Environment Alert VIDEO)

Burning-oil-rig-explosion-fire-photo11 As part of their new logo and corporate image campaign, British Petroleum (BP) wants the public to think of them as their new slogan says, “Beyond Petroleum”. BP is far more than a simple oil company. What is revealed below regarding BP and their ‘beyond petroleum’ activities, both prior to and including their Gulf of Mexico catastrophe, will create a picture for the reader one pixel dot at a time. It is more than obvious that BP has tried to fool Mother Nature… and she’s retaliating with a vengeance that is affecting the entire world. This is a perilous game that has now gotten out of control. What began in the Gulf of Mexico, in February 2010, has now escalated into a man-made biological nightmare of unknown proportions. Crying Wolf? Or true?


Image of the Day: Saturn’s Moon, Rhea -1st Alien World Discovered to Have an Oxygen Atmosphere Oxygen


In March 2010, The NASA Cassini spacecraft flew only 97 kilometers (60 miles) above the surface of Saturn’s moon Rhea and found that it has an atmosphere composed of oxygen and carbon dioxide. This is the first time a moon of Saturn has been discovered to have an atmosphere. The spacecraft actually flew through the "tenuous" atmosphere held together by high-energy particles from Saturn that constantly hit the surface of Rhea.



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